23 January 2011

Vintage shopping. In Frome? REALLY??!

So for my first proper post. Woop woop!
Yesterday I was introduced to the wonder that is Catherine Hill in Frome. After a pot of tea at the Little Red Cafe and a browse in the beautiful vintage shops, I was pretty much hooked. Definitely recommend a visit for anyone starved of good vintage shopping in Somerset...

We started off in Grace's favourite forties and fifties inspired boutique where we spotted these beauties. Who can live without Dorothy inspired killer heels?

An amazing jumble sale of old nicknacks, accessories and clothes. The lady who runs the shop has a alteration and repairs room at the back of the shop. Apparently she used to work for Christian Lacroix. What in crikey's name is she doing in Frome?!

Always wanted a Singer sewing machine but for practical and logical reasons, I will stick to modern technology. Or as modern as my worn out 90s sewing machine will allow. Though would be nice to hang necklaces off.

I'm gutted I can't remember the name of the shop where I took these photos, but this was my favourite one. Lots of vintage teapots and cups and saucers, old tins and vases, potted hyacinths, brooches, creepy witchy hand earrings...

Once pay day comes, I will be definitely be buying one of these silhouette bird brooches for my furry tippet and my blazer. Super cute.

Here's a link with all the shops on Catherine Hill: 
Goodtimes! Thank you Grace and Helen for showing me around x

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